It’s Never Too Late for a Beautiful Farewell

Beautiful Farewells

by Diane Luccitti

At Elite Funeral Directors, we believe that everyone deserves a Beautiful Farewell and we work hard to ensure that every family serve has this healing experience.

However, we know that many families served by other funeral directors may not have had an experience that truly honours the life of their loved one. The result is that many family members will languish in grief for an extended period of time. Being stuck in grief can lead to depression, harm their relationship and reduce productivity.

We want people to know that it’s never too late for a Beautiful Farewell. We accomplish this with the following:

  1. A consultative arrangement process that identifies the beautiful elements of their life.
  2. Designing a service that reflects their values and celebrates the life they lived.
  3. Selecting a beautiful venue and enhance it with flowers and memorabilia.
  4. Selecting beautiful music to warm your heart and help recall special memories.
  5. Selecting the perfect funeral celebrant with the ability to tell the story of a life well lived.
  6. Selecting innovative merchandise that adds beauty to event.
  7. Planning for a beautiful moment to conclude the farewell experience.

Your loved one’s body may already be buried or cremated. But if you feel that the funeral service left you feeling empty instead of fulfilled, you may want to consider having a Beautiful Farewell. It’s never too late to say goodbye in a way that will unite your family and honour a life well lived.

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