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February 2016

We Are Family?


Diane’s great arctic adventure continues and she sent me this picture. I didn’t realise that I had family so far away (aside from Diane of course) but she says he has to be one of my distant cat cousins.

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The Path We All Walk

HealingThere are 7 steps that every family goes through when they lose a loved one. It knocks you off your normal path of life and, at times onto a very painful path. Someday you’ll get back to your normal life but, during this time, your life is definitely not normal. We’ve seen every family go through these same steps.

It’s important that you know that these steps have nothing to do with cremation versus burial or even how much someone spends on a service.

The first step on this painful path is a sense of Private Shock, a deep feeling of…emptiness as you realize you’ll never see them again. At this point many people feel physical pain. The heart races, you become short of breath, and you become lightheaded. Tears aren’t far behind. For some people this lasts just a few minutes for others this can last weeks, months or years.

Next, word begins to spread. Many times this task will fall on the shoulders of one or two family members. Making the phone calls, spreading the news. Word first spreads through the immediate family, then the extended family – brothers, sisters, children, grandchildren. This might take a few hours or even a few days.

Inevitably what happens next is the family gathers to support each other and to make pressing decisions like who’s going to go to the funeral home to make arrangements. If you are reading this email series, you are either planning ahead for yourself or you know that you’ll be nominated to make arrangements for a loved one. We know it’s a big responsibility. It’s important for you to know that it’s our mission in life to help you help your family. Let’s talk about what’s coming next…

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Beautiful Memorial Merchandise

Lady selecting urnAt Elite Funeral Directors we carry a wide variety of beautiful memorial merchandise including crystal urns, biodegradable urns, scattering tubes, beads, crosses and pendants. As the official Elite office cat, I personally help select many items (although Diane & Scott get the final say).

We have also recently added a line of pet urns to take care of my furry friends. And yes, that was my idea 🙂

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