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March 2016

Broadway Cat


Did you know there is a musical about us? No, not Diane and Scott, but us. Cats! From what I hear, it’s a famous musical.

If I ever get fired from my great job at Elite Funeral Directors, I wonder if I have a future on Broadway?

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Don’t Cry because it’s Over. Smile because it Happened

cat friend

Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened. ~ Dr. Seuss

As the office cat here at Elite Funeral Directors, I see a lot of people come into our office to plan a beautiful farewell for someone they love, and with all goodbyes, there are tears. Diane and Scott do a great job helping people plan a sweet sendoff. As they reflect on the wonderful memories people have, those tears often turn to smiles. Smiles because a beautiful life happened.

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Seeing is Believing

HealingMost people have heard the old saying, “Seeing is believing,” but many people also have lived through a life experience that gave them a deep, emotional understanding of this simple phrase.

Consider what happens when parents receive a call from their child’s school saying that their child has been hurt in the playground. They’re told that the child is OK, but still they’ll spend the rest of their work day counting the minutes, waiting to see their child, because seeing is believing.

Consider what happened to our entire society when the planes flew into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Within minutes of hearing the news, televisions across the world were turned on as people watched the event replayed over and over again. They have estimated that more than 90% of Americans saw the videos that first day. Many people had the TV on all day, trying to grasp the magnitude of the moment, trying to come to grips with the trauma, because seeing is believing.

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A Beautiful Final Resting Place

Families choosing cremation will be presented their loved one’s remains in the urn of their choosing. They are then left to wonder….now what? What happens to the urn?

Initially, the urn is often displayed in a place of honour such as a mantle or bookshelf with other cherished heirlooms. But as time passes, future generations are left to wonder what to do with the urn. Sadly, urns and the remains inside often end up in a box in the storage room.

A better solution is to do something with the urn and remains. For example, you could do an at-sea scattering using one of our scattering tubes.

Another alternative is to place the urn in a permanent spot in one of the beautiful cemeteries in the Sydney area. There are many options but one of our personal favorites is the Woronora Cemetery and Crematorium in Sutherland. They have some truly beautiful final resting places for those choosing cremation. Just a few of the options are pictured below.

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