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January 2017

Lady Has Big Goals to Achieve in 2017


Hello and Happy New Year! I didn’t want you to think I forgot to write about this but, my last post about Carrie Fisher was more important to make sure people knew how much she meant to the world!

I hope you’re all ready for the upcoming year ahead. Did you see our Facebook post about it? In case you missed it here’s what it said, “2017 is the year that I ______________”.

You may think I’m just a cat but, after I saw that post I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Here are my three answers to that exciting question!


As much as I love helping people who come through the doors of our Sydney funeral home, I want to get out and travel the world! Well, maybe not the world but definitely see more of Sydney.

There are so many fun things I hear people talk about or see on TV and I never get to go see them. People think I’m just a cat and don’t seem to realize I want to do things too! This year things are going to be different. I’m going to find a way to see new sights in Sydney!

Obviously, my first stop will be the Sydney Opera House because it’s all people ever talk about. I’m sure it’s amazing like they say but I want to see for myself! I’d also really like to see the Sydney Harbour Bridge and you may think I’m a bit crazy but us cats aren’t afraid of heights so I’d like to do the bridge climb too!

After that I think a nice trip to the Taronga Zoo would be nice. I get to see lots of other animals without having them get too close to me and I get to make them jealous because I’m out sightseeing!

Pet Urns

As a cat I think it’s very important that you have the proper place for your pet to go after they pass. I wouldn’t ever want my ashes to be put in something that isn’t fabulous and your pet shouldn’t be any different.

It’s about time that I start my own line of urns for your beloved pets. Who would be better than a fellow pet to decide what’s best for them!

If you don’t want to wait until my line of urns launches, I understand. We do have some you can get now, my favourites are the Adore Midnight or the Love Heart Midnight.  

Meeting New Families

I love when new families come and visit our Sydney funeral home. Even though they aren’t in a good place I enjoy being able to help them feel better.

This year I want to curl up in 300 new laps. That means at least 300 different families will come through this funeral home. I’d rather people not have to go through an awful and sad time but if they do, I’d like to be there to help.

I see the pain lessen for a moment as I curl up in their lap and provide some comfort. The more people I can do that for the better.

Now that you know all of this cat’s big plans for 2017, I’d love for you to share yours with me!

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Lady’s Tribute to the Legendary Carrie Fisher

carrie fisher
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There have been a lot of people coming through our Sydney funeral home that mention the passing of the well-known actress Carrie Fisher. After hearing all this talk about her and having a love for her myself, I had to write something to remember the legacy.

I may be a cat but I know just how well known she is for her role in Star Wars as Princess Leia and I too think she was stunning. I just loved curling up with my humans and watching that movie, while they thought I was sleeping.

One of the best parts of Star Wars was when Han Solo and Luke Skywalker dressed up as Storm Troopers to rescue Princess Leia from the Rebel Alliance. All of the action with the ray gun and blaster shooting was a little bit scary but mostly exciting! The whole time you were in suspense, wondering if she was in fact going to be rescued. I was so happy when they saved her and she was safe again.

I’ve watched all of the movies in the series and just loved when she reunited with Han Solo in the newest movie, Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens. It was like a bittersweet last goodbye to her being known as Princess Leia. It’s so special that after so many years she was able to take part in one last Star Wars movie before she passed.

I know I’ve talked a lot about her in Star Wars, mainly because it’s what I’ve been hearing about around our funeral home. I’m not a dumb cat though, I know she was in a lot more movies than that franchise, and I’ve seen some of them too!

A couple of those other movies that I really enjoyed were When Harry Met Sally and The Blues Brothers. They are definitely classics and if you haven’t seen them you need to add them to your list of movies to watch!

Those aren’t the only movies, she had a long and successful career with roles in countless films. If you’re interested in more of them I found a great video for you to watch to remember some of Carrie Fisher’s best moments.

While she may be gone, we will always remember her much like we do with all of our families here at our funeral home in Sydney. Your loved one is just as important as Carrie Fisher and we want you to have the best possible care when making arrangements.

You are always welcome to visit me to talk about Carrie Fisher or I can give you comfort with the passing of your own loved one. I will listen and make you feel better, I promise.

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