Lady Celebrates the Season Changing to Autumn


It’s time for a change in seasons with summer coming to an end and autumn beginning. As many of you may know it’s too hot in the summer for a cat like me so I’m very happy about the start of autumn. The weather is so much more mild, with a decrease in humidity and temperatures it makes spending time outside much more enjoyable.

There are many autumn activities I’ve found people talking about at our funeral home in Sydney. One of them is taking a walk. I’ve heard this talked about many times and it can be very soothing and help give you some peace when processing the loss of a loved one. The weather can be crisp which helps you feel refreshed and brings about a sense of new life to your current mood.

Something else you can try is the Moonlight Cinema. It’s a great way to get out of the house and be around people but you don’t have to interact much. During the grieving process, it can feel very lonely and you just want to be around people without necessarily having to talk much. It’s basically an outdoor movie theatre so you enjoy the benefit of fresh air and other people, while watching a movie and having an escape from life for a couple hours.

If you want to take me along with you on these adventures I think they would be very interesting and I would be happy to keep you company. As much as I want to help you by suggesting these types of activities I know there’s other ways you need help too.

During my time as resident cat in our funeral home in Sydney I’ve learned about some other great support systems if you’re looking for something more. One of the most difficult times grieving occurs is when a child dies, when you need help specific to this area The Compassionate Friends is an excellent support centre. The leaders are all others who have suffered the loss of a child, grandchild, or sibling making them others who can truly understand what you’re going through.

If you’re looking for support that will help you with the loss of a partner there’s a great non-profit called Solace Australia. You will find support groups with others that can relate to how you’re feeling and talk in a non-threatening environment. There are trained support workers available to help as well as telephone support if needed.

Between these wonderful resources and many more out there along with the change in weather I hope you’ve found something to help. I know cuddling up with me in the office can only go so far to help you. I want to share information I’ve learned while listening in on conversations.

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