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Taking Time to Remember on Anzac Day


You may not realize it because I’m a cat but I know all about Anzac Day that’s coming up. The funeral directors in Sydney that allow me to call this place home, have been talking about it. It’s very close to our hearts because we’re constantly surrounded by people losing their loved ones. I feel pretty proud of myself for being a cat and knowing all about it so I have to share just in case you don’t know.

History of Anzac Day

The day is meant for remembering all those Australians and New Zealanders who served in the war and suffered or died as a result of their time in the war. The day specifically chosen to mark the landing at Gallipoli in 1915. This was one of the major events during World War One that killed thousands of Australians and New Zealanders. Compared to the population at the time it was a significant amount of lives lost and a tragedy for both countries.

Dawn Services

There are many different ways to take part in Anzac Day and one of those is attending one of the services held at dawn. This service is held at dawn to mark the start of another Anzac Day and signifies the first part of the memorial events. The main dawn service in Sydney is held at the Cenotaph at Martin Place which I’m told is right downtown. Keep Reading

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Christmas Through the Eyes of a Cat

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Don’t you just love Christmas? I know I sure do. All the shiny things that come out for me to play with are truly incredible. Apparently, they’re called Christmas decorations, but I’m pretty sure they just bring them out once a year because I’ve been really good.

All of those ornaments on something they call a Christmas tree are the most fun of all. They’re just hanging there, calling my name. I mean really, how can they just hang them and not expect that I’d want to play with them a little.

There’s so many things that turn me into a little kitten again. Those twinkling lights and tinsel on the tree look like fun to play with. And then there are presents with ribbons and bows on them.

The part about all of it that makes me sad is that I get in trouble if I play with any of it. So, I try to act like a good kitty and use my imagination instead.

As much fun as Christmas can be, I know how strong the memories of loved ones are at this time of year. Being part of a funeral home in Sydney I’ve seen so many people come in around Christmas and it’s especially difficult for them.

If you’ve been feeling this way, then you really need to come join us for the Christmas Memorial Service.

We don’t ever want to feel like you have to grieve alone so we offer a special evening for you to remember your loved one.

At our event, you will enjoy a delicious supper that will be complimented by lovely music to help liven the mood and lift your spirits. There will also be a special candle-lighting ceremony in memory of your loved one.

Another special part of the evening is that you will receive a Christmas ball with your loved one’s name inscribed on it. It’s our gift to you that we welcome you to take home and add to your tree.

If the idea sounds good but you aren’t sure about talking to people or feel like you may get upset, that’s okay. I will keep you company and you can give me some affection to make yourself and me feel good.

I know, spending time at a funeral home in Sydney with a cat may not seem like the most exciting plan, but sometimes you just need somewhere you can feel understood. We truly understand how much of a struggle Christmas can be and want to be there to provide support.

During my time as the resident cat I’ve learned that Christmas isn’t only about fun and ornaments, it’s about family and spending time with your loved ones. So, come and visit me and I will cozy up to you and make sure you aren’t lonely.

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